Initial Assessment
All packages start with an initial assessment to ensure that all plans are fully personalized to provide the best client-based care for you to achieve your goals and needs
  • Full comprehensive assessment of your health, medical, dietary history, relevant bloodwork (if applicable) and individual goals
  • Delivery of education using relevant resources
  • Assessment of current supplements and individualized suggestions based on assessment
  • Custom goal-setting and summary/resources sent
  • Caloric and macronutrient calculation (If applicable)
  • Mindset coaching including motivation, limiting beliefs around food and achieving goals
  • Assessment of relationship with food and body including dietary habits and associations
  • Assessment of gastrointestinal health, sleep, stress management and goals set around those
  • Hydration assessment, individualized calculation and hydration schedule created during session
  • 75-90 min
  • $225
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Follow up Packages
After our initial assessment, we will identify together which follow- up package would be the best for you to help you reach your goals
  • Each follow-up session is up to 45 minutes
  • Caloric and macronutrient calculation (If applicable)
  • Individual recommendations/recipes
  • Custom goal-setting and resources at each session
  • Includes Shipped in-print copy of my cookbook (Wellness on a plate: When Healthy Meets Quick)
  • $420 /3x Follow Ups
    $650 /5x Follow Ups
    $960 /8x Follow Ups
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Online Dietitian Services
Sessions will be completed via Zoom from the comfort of your own home! The Zoom platform is face-to-face allowing screen sharing and easy to set-up. You can use it from your laptop or your phone and completely free
  • Healthy-eating strategies
  • Transforming your diet
  • Condition-specific counselling
  • Weight-loss programs
  • Individualized Fitness Program
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Customized Meal Plan Package
    Full Individualized Meal Plan
  • Individual recommendations/recipes
  • Caloric and macronutrient calculation
  • Includes Shipped in-print copy of my cookbook (Wellness on a plate: When Healthy Meets Quick)
  • Label reading, grocery shopping and eating out guidelines included
  • $395
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Custom Fitness Program
Helping you reach your fitness goals! *Confirm with your benefit plan if you have coverage for Personal Training Services as this will not be covered under Registered Dietitian Services*
  • Fitness assessment
  • Full custom one-month fitness program
  • Videos embedded to teach techniques
  • Includes the right warm-up, stretches, etc.
  • $200
    $75 with the purchase of a nutrition package
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