Hannah Deacon’s Cookbook is now AVAILABLE!

Click on the links below to purchase your copy (or email me directly at wellnessbyhd@gmail.com for a signed copy! Details below)

For a signed copy, please contact me directly at wellnessbyhd@gmail.com or simply E-transfer or PayPal $35 (including shipping) to wellnessbyhd@gmail.com – include your address and who you want me to sign the book for in the notes section! (Also, include if you’d like it Christmas wrapped!) Excited for you to try the recipes!


I have been working on this cookbook for a long time experimenting in the kitchen for long hours using my nutrition double major education as well as my personal experience to come up with an excellent product for all of you! So pumped! Here’s what to expect from my cookbook!

➡️All healthy quick and easy recipes!
➡️Less than 30 min prep time
➡️50 easy recipes featuring several 1 pot options
➡️Diabetic friendly!
➡️Breakfast, snacks, smoothies, entrees, salads, salad dressings and desserts!
➡️No sugar added!
➡️All natural ingredients!
➡️Gluten-free and dairy-free options available and how to make ALL of them gluten-free/dairy-free educational component
➡️TIPS for increased nutrient absorption, weight loss, healthy eating, and others!
➡️Caloric and macro-nutrient information included for all recipes!
➡️Mouth-watering colourful pictures included for all recipes

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