No-Shave-November and MOVE-MBER!

November is here and it’s typically known for most men as NoShave November or Movember, symbolizing growing awareness by growing facial hair to embrace it, which many prostate cancer patients lose. Next, donating the money men typically spend on shaving and grooming to support those fighting the battle. Several men are joining the “no-shave-movement” in support for prostate cancer. In addition to “No-shave-November”, I am going to add “Move-mber” suggesting movement towards an active lifestyle! Join me in this journey!

Remember, small changes go a long way! Some tips to help you increase your physical activity:

  1. Climb your way towards an active lifestyle!


Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator as much as possible! Keep it simple and do as much as you can. If you have to go up or down a distance that seems too much for you at the moment, take the first few flights, then take the elevator the rest of the way. Every time you take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, you are making a decision to support your goal of achieving an active lifestyle.

  1. Clean your home regularly.

Cleaning can be a fantastic workout, especially if you have a big home. Cleaning involves plenty of walking, lifting, and stretching – all of which are very good for your body. Added bonus is that your house ends up being clean and fresh!

  1.   Shoveling the snow.

OK I understand this one is super exciting for all Canadians especially here in Alberta so there you go! Joke aside, shoveling the snow burns a lot of calories and of course, keeps your driveway clean!

  1. Choose an active lifestyle


When planning trips or activities with your friends and family, choose ones that include physical activity such as hiking (as you can see from my picture above), rock-climbing if you’re capable and interested, tennis, basketball, snowboarding, skiing, swimming, or as simple as going for a walk and talk! These are just examples, choose whatever it is that you enjoy and can increase your physical activity! Often people tend to go out for food to catch up, and that can add up in calories as well as in bills. Try-out active gatherings and if they include nature or the out-doors, they might be free as well


    5. Invest in a gym membership


If you find yourself spending money on things you probably shouldn’t or don’t need, why not save up the cash and invest in a gym membership! It’s a great way to get a variety of exercises including weightlifting, cardio, or if you’re not sure where to start, most gyms offer some classes that you can take lead by an instructor who will guide you!

  1. Home workout videos

If you can’t afford a gym membership and/or want a simple workout at home, use some home workout videos! You can find some on YouTube or can borrow some videos from your local library, it’s a great and convenient way to get your sweat on! You can also invest in a set of dumbbells and add some weight-training to it!




Hannah Deacon, RD